Re: Replacing an old toilet in Manhatten?
Posted by jer on March 08, 2003 at 01:45:01:
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>>Yeah, the picture looks pretty gross. I have gotten rather enamoured with the facility after 20 years of living in this garret.
I would like to have a wall mounted toilet, also would be more adequate for the limited space. But, from my research, these are commercial brands, and also require the flushing system to be behind the wall. In addition, strong water power is required. My water power is strong here, primarily because there is currently a high tank=gravity.
Yes, I could write a book. This is only a portion of the rediculous senario here.
Your feed back is welcomed.

: Strangest, and most disusting, toilet I have ever seen. MAYBE it could be converted to a proper Rear-outlet or Wall-mounted toilet. But it will involve substantial work and dollars. ...Let me guess: The owner does not want to spend substantial dollars. ?

: If "A picture is worth a thousand words.", your picture is like a book!

: Gary

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