Re: Replacing an old toilet in Manhatten?
Posted by Jerry on March 08, 2003 at 01:36:51:
In response to Re: Replacing an old toilet in Manhatten?
: There is absolutely no way you will ever find anything that even approaches fitting that plumbing system.

Hello. I got a good laugh from most of the comments posted here. A plumber came by and said in all his work history, he had never seen a toilet like the one I have. I believe it is from around 1910 or so. Well with rents the way they are here...I am not going to move.

I assume you are a plumber from your response. From my research, seems they are going to have to do a demolition here, and remove all the old pipes, and replace with new. I am worried, because I live here. And I hope the project won't drag on. I have found some semi suitable toilets that will fit into the small water closet, permiting access and clearance of the doorway.

If he replaces the pumbling he won't have to build this platform to cover the old. And therefor I won't have to climb up to get to the toilet. That approach seems like the landlord's cop-out, and a cheaper way, but most important--unsafe and unsanitary.

What would YOU suggest as a solution.

Ps: The picture looks worse than the real thing.

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