Re: Sewage ejector pump odor
Posted by Garlan E. Garner on March 07, 2003 at 17:16:46:
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: The bathroom in our basement (shower, sink, and toilet) are connected to a sewage ejector pump. Recently, the pump area has been smelling like sewage after it is used.

: Does this normally indicate that the pump is having a problem, or does it just need to be cleaned? The pump itself seems to be functioning correctly (I can hear it going off after the sump is full.)

: Thanks,
: Brian

There are two things that immediately come to mind. First of all you might have a leaky vent on the stack coming from the ejector hole. Secondly you might want to check the seals on the ejector lid. Thirdly you might want to make sure that the vent stack pipe is large enough and not blocked. Lastly if you have a floor drain in your basement, it will usually have a trap in the bottom of it. Make sure that there is water in the trap. If the water is missing the ejector gas can excape through the floor drain.

I know I said two things, but I remembered some stuff while I was typing.

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