Please help-Grout around outside of shower wet
Posted by Matt Wattay on March 06, 2003 at 23:02:01:
I am having an ongoing, insidious problem. We have already had about 4 "so-called" experts out to examine the problem. It appeared that the consensous was that there was water coming out of the shower door and through calking in the shower. We spent over $200 for a handyman to come out and repair everything. However, we are still having a problem-but, I think I have really honed in on the problem. What I see happening is that when I take a shower and right after I get out, I notice that the calking is wet-about 6" of the grout in front of the door, where the tile meets the base of the shower. Within about 15 minutes the wetness continues along the grout and just gets longer and longer (however, there are gaps of dryness along the grout-which is also strange) until it almost reaches the walls on both sides of the shower (not puddles-the grout is just wet). When my wife took a shower-I was on my knees and stayed there for about 10 minutes-I didn't see hardly any water coming out-just some droplets-however, if you point the shower head directly at the door it does drip out of the door)
We had a the last plumber come out again and run his tests including the shower head test, drain test, and dye test for the pan-he said everything came back negative-and couldn't see that there were any problems with the pan, pipes, or drain. I took a shower again today-was very careful when I got out and within 5 minutes out of the shower-the wetness started and 10 hours later it had spread along the grout and is still wet(again there are gaps of dryness) What do you think the problem is?

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