Posted by JAMIE on March 06, 2003 at 11:17:48:
In response to Re: INLINE FILTERS
: I would replace the galvanized line with copper. Do you also have galvy piping in the house???

Yes, there is galvanized, but only the length of the basement. All of the feed lines have been tapped off into copper from what I can see. The problem being, with a finished ceiling in the basement, replacing what galvanized there is would be a considerable overhaul. To add, I can't guarantee the sediment is from line breakdown or simply my well supply. I need to resolve this problem before I replace my recently discarded water softener. Also, any knowledge on softeners? Do I need a $1500 Culligan, or is there a middle-of-the-road that would suffice? I've heard of bad luck with cheap models.

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