forced hot water boiler / presure problem
Posted by Evan McSorley on March 05, 2003 at 14:40:57:
I have a closed forced hot water boiler. i recently bled the radiators. but no water came though.
i realized the main cold water supply valve was closed, so i opened it and bled them again. no problem, the water flowed,
air was gone, and i thought all was well. but now i notice that when the burner is on, and heating the water in the boiler, the pressure
slowly climbs and hits 30psi, and the pressure relief valve lets it out. even when the system is off, the pressure is steady aound 20 psi,
when it should be 12. do i have to adjust the pressure reducing valve? or, is it possible that i somehow waterlogged the expansion tank,
so there is too much pressure regardless? if so, how do i relieve the tank, just let water out of it?


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