Re: water odor (rotten egg smell) maybe hydrogen sulfide?
Posted by Gary Slusser on March 05, 2003 at 11:05:06:
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: Hello we are having a problem with our master bath water faucet. The water smells like rotten eggs but not everytime we turn the faucet on. Usually the warm water tends to smell not the cold. The problem is only in the master bath and nowhere else. We have cleaned the drain twice to make sure it was not coming from the drain. Our house was built in the 1989 and we have copper pipes and have city water not well water. We do not have a water softener. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

: thank you!
: Pat

Take the faucet tip aerator off and sanitize it and the faucet tip. Mix a small amount of bleach in a glass of water and drop the aerator into it and then submerge the faucet tip into the water holding it there for a few minutes. Then flush the tip and the aerator. If this doesn't stop it then drain, flush and chlorinate the water heater and hot water lines. This assumes you haven't replaced the water heater or its anode rod lately. I don't think it's the heater or you would probably smell the odor at other fixtures.

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