Glenwall Wall Mount Toilet Installation
Posted by Chris Merkel on March 03, 2003
I'm installing the (Glenwall) American Standard Wall mount toilet and am seeking some advise when doing the final stages. I already have my closet carrier installed (Zurn Z1212), w/ my waste flange out 5/16th inch and my four support bolts out 2 1/8" each {bothdimension are outside of the finished wall}.

My wall carrier came with a neoprene seal, which mounts onto the back of the toilet, then butts up to the waste flange/horn.

Question(s): Do I just continue to mount this directly to the wall. When doing so, it seems as though there is still more "wiggle room" than I care to have. How can I make this more secure? Also, how tight should I tighten the mounting bolts? (I assume just past hand tight).

Wall mount toilets are more common in a commercial application, so I can't find much documentation on the do's and don'ts for these residential types.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you.

Spec Sheet
Installation Notes

You do not mount it "to the wall". You install backing nuts on the two bottom bolts and the upper left one. The nuts should be flush with the finished wall. Then you place washers on the bolts and tighten the cap nuts on the two lower bolts and the upper left one. The upper right cap nut is tighten just to the point where it touches the bowl. All the cap nuts should have the "paper" washers under them. hj

The mounting kit should include backing nuts and washers that hold the toilet away from the wall at least 1/16".
The toilet never touches the wall.
Three nuts will touch, one of the lower nuts can be adjusted in/out until it meets china.
Toilets break when the holding nuts are tightened onto a backing nut and washer that has been left too far back.

Thank you for you help. These "backing nuts" - are you saying that I just screw the nuts into place, so they are flush w/ the wall, then my toilet backs up to these nuts? I assume these are just the nuts that came w/ my carrier.
Also, I need to find a replacement neoprene seal, but am having a hard time locating one. Any insight into where I can find one? I've tried the common retail places (home depot, lowes, etc), but I imagine that I'll have to go to a full blown retail plumbing supply.

Most plumbing supplies also carry the neoprene gasket.  I always carry them for when I sell a Glenwall.  Our installations include one.  
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