Re: Slow bathtub drain
Posted by Casman on March 03, 2003 at 09:48:37:
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: Greetings! I have a very, very slow bathtub drain. I used foaming Drano as the instructions recommended, but it is still very, very slow - almost non-draining. I also plunged the drain, but to no avail. It appears the clog (if that is indeed the problem) is relatively close to the drain opening, as I can only pour two 12-oz cups of water down the drain before it begins to back up into the bathtub. My toilet and bathroom sink drain just fine (ok, so my toilet is just a tad slow), so I think the problem lies exclusively in the bathtub drain pipe. Any ideas on what to do next? Should I try one more bottle of Drano before I call the plumber?Thanks so much in advance!!!

Almost forgot, has the drain always been slow, it could be that during a remodel the tub could have been placed too far fom the vent, or maybe there is no vent at all, how far did the guy go with the snake...?

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