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Posted by John Scates on March 03, 2003 at 00:07:30:
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One possibility is a leaking toilet. If the water in the tank is leaking out through the flapper so that it has to "top off" the water in the tank every 5 minutes or so, this would produce the cycle that you describe. It may not happen all the time because the flapper is not yet completely shot - but can still completely seal some or most of the time. Check your toilets next time it happens.

Something else that cycles periodically is an icemaker. The typical cycle is on 6-7 seconds, then off until freeze is complete (30 minutes), at which point it dumps the ice and refills. But this doesn't fit your "5 minutes" cycle time.

A Longshot: Is the hum a 60-hz frequency? Is there some electrical device, such as a transformer, in direct contact with a pipe that cycles on/off?

Another longshot: An motor with a thermal cut-off will cycle in about the time you describe - a stuck bathroom ventilator fan, garage door opener, refrigerator compressor, etc. Perhaps its not really the pipes that are humming.

Maybe someone else has some ideas.

- John Scates

: periodically the pipes in the house start a humming noise which lasts for 4-5 seconds. Then repeats every 5 minutes. It is not hammering, doesn't change whether a faucet is open or not. It just started? Any ideas?

: Thanks

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