Re: Water Hammer Problem
Posted by John Scates on March 02, 2003 at 23:54:18:
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It sounds like you have tried the conventional solution and it didn't work. Even arresters will still allow some pressure surges in the lines, but are supposed to reduce them below the harmful level. I would look next for loosely mounted / unsecured pipe that may be striking a nearby wall/stud/etc. Be sure that the pipe is secured to the building structure every so often. You might be able to track down the area by listening in the basement while someone else operates the faucet.

Good luck,
John Scates

: I hear what sounds like water hammer coming from the basement when I shut off the water from my bathroom sink. Both hot and cold seem to make it happen. I installed water hammer arresters in place of the air columns, again both hot and cold, but no change in sound coming from the basement. Could the hammer be occuring at the water heater or water softener? Should I install a larger size arrester at these devices?

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