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Posted by Lonny the Plumber on March 02, 2003 at 00:51:43:
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The airgap fitting prevents dirty water from the kitchen sink from draining back into the dishwasher which contaminates those dishes. Many people do not realize this happens. The Uniform Plumbing Code does require this fitting that is mounted above the floor level rim or on the countertop. Many jurisdictions amend to allow the dishwasher discharge hose to be secured to the top of the countertop and then down into the disposal. Most plumbers drill the drain hose hole in the cabinet high to keep the hose high.
Operation wise you can abandon the airgap and use a sink sprayer in that sink opening.
Lonny the Plumber

: Depending on the plumbing code of where you live....but chances are you will need to keep the airgap (not "dishwasher vent"). It's use is to prevent the contaminated water of your dishwasher to mix in with the freshwater supply in the event the city shuts the water off, i.e. siphoning effect. Hence, it is for your and other people's safety.

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