Re: Reliance 501 Hot water heater
Posted by hj on February 28, 2003 at 22:09:12:
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They are trying to be sophists, and confuse you. Most heaters are not direct vented, especially Reliance heaters. Since it is connecting to the common flue/chimney it is a standard venting model.

: WE are trying to replace our old water is vented with our furance through to the roof. When purchasing a new one everyone keeps asking if it is direct vent when I explain the is sheet metal pipes that join together with the furance and are vented through the ceiling they say that they want to know if it is direct vent or not (very frustrating) how do I tell if it direct vent or not. The hole at the top of the water heater has a gap of about 3 inches before the hood thing goes over it like an air intake then it hits the sheet metal pipe and is vented through to the roof.
:'s cold in Minnesota.

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