Re: noise when turning off a new bathroom faucet
Posted by George on February 28, 2003 at 12:39:51:
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: It is water hammer caused by you turning the new faucet off too quickly. A water hammer arrestor installed on the two water lines should help, or just turn the faucet off slower.

: : I just installed a new Moen faucet in my bathroom; all the same pipes, etc., just a new faucet. Suddenly, whenever I turn off either cold or hot, there is a single clang or thud coming from the pipes.
: : It isn't loud, and the pipes don't visibly vibrate, but it wasn't there with the old faucet, and I'm wondering what it is, whether it's harmful, and how I can rid myself of it!

: : Many thanks,

: : Jim Martin

I have same problem. Replaced builders two knob tub faucet with a Pagasus single handle. Also put two stop valves just under new faucet. No other changes, all of a sudden pipes bang like crazy when shutting of any faucet in the house. Called pagasus, they said it must be the check valves in the faucet and sent new ones. Installed them - no differance. Turn off stop valves at faucet - no banging. Any ideas?

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