Hot Water Leaking Tub Faucet
Posted by Darrin Ellis-May on February 27, 2003 at 11:53:02:
I've looked through the Archives to see if my question was previously answered. It wasn't, but I find it interesting that my problem, as far as posts are concerened, is a recurring one. The situation is: a 3 knob shower with a HOT water leak. Over the last 6 months the leak has progressed from slow drip to consistant trickle (1 cup water per 10 minutes). Needless to say, I keep the water shut off via the access door, turning it on only prior to using the shower or tub.

In a newly-arrived issue of one of my DIY mags was an article on repairing this problem. The current knobs and guts are Delta and about 10 ys/o. And, although not exacty constructed like those in the article pretty strait forward. Since mine were plastic, I thought it better to buy a whole new set. I put the hot water and shower diverter parts in a plastic bag and trotted off to Lowes, got home with the same Delta set and commenced to reinstall. The moment of truth produced MORE hot water coming from the faucet, with the knob turned off, not zero. The cold water produced no leak, which leads me to believe that it's NOT a seating problem.

Any suggestions?? Sorry for being so long winded!

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