Installing a closet flange-DIY or not????
Posted by brianNliz on February 26, 2003 at 22:01:47:
We need to install a new toilet in our upstaris bathroom as the old toliet is beyond repair. Unfortunetly I've been informed by the last member of the family to work on this bathroom that there is NO closet flange underneath this toliet. (What there is, I don't know-I haven't been able to get the fitting removed to take it up-the nuts are petrified to the threads and what's left of the gaskets-I sense destruction of ceramic in my near future...) So I need to know: is installing a closet flange (in a very old house on the 2d floor) where the wasn't one a DIY project? I realize this will depend on what I find when I remove the old toliet but I'd like to know if I should look into doing it myself or just call a plumber and save myself the trouble. (If is is decreed DYI I'll be back to ask the best way to go about it. :) ) Thanks!

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