Re: Frozen Hot Water Shut off Valve
Posted by hj on February 26, 2003 at 07:56:30:
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Yes, it is called "replace the valve".

: It began as a search for a water leak and led to the sink spray hose. The end that connects to the faucet under the sink.
: Since it is almost impossible to reach into the area to disconnect the spray hose, i figured that I would remove the entire faucet from the sink and check out the other connections.
: Shutting off the cold water (Brass Craft Valve)was easy but when I tried to turn the hot water valve, it didn't budge. I tapped around it thinking I could jar the mineral deposit loose. No dice. And I am fearful to bear down on the valve since it is in-line with the copper tubing.
: Is there a method or chemical that could get me out of this situation?

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