Re: rusty and broken flange
Posted by Terry Love on February 25, 2003 at 20:45:20:
In response to Re: rusty and broken flange

: Thanks Terry for your advice on the Red Ring. I forgot to mention that I broke the remaining lip of the flange off. So all thats left of the flange is what remains rusted into and above the sewer pipe. The floor is ceramic tile over poured cement. The pipe with remainder of the flange is about an inch or more above the tile.Can I still use the red ring and where is the best place to find one? Thanks again for the timely response..Dave

The red ring is just for holding the "closet bolts".
I've found them in hardware stores.
Any method of securing the bolts would work I would think. The red ring allows the use of standard closet bolts.
Some older tile jobs have used attachents with the wood screw end and threaded on the other end.
A pipe sticking up 1" past the tile seems a bit far though.
How would the toilet not be rocking with a pipe sticking up so far?

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