Low pressure in shower?
Posted by John on February 25, 2003 at 20:37:05:

After a recent renovation and upgrading of plumbing fixtures I now have very low pressure in my shower. I have a 1HP jet pump on a 40-60 psi pressure switch. Water supply is not an issue as you can literally see the water when you look down into the well. The supply pipe to the house travels 110' through 1" supply pipe. After getting into the basement the supply decreases to 3/4" pipe. The 3/4" runs to the tankless water heater and reduces down further to 1/2" input/output. The tankless water heater is located in a closet directly behind the shower and the hot water travels no more than 5' (allowing for bends). I installed a Delta single handle valve with an unrestricted shower head. The pressure difference between the shower and the kitchen sink is very noticeable. I would really like to have more pressure/volume in the shower, what can I do? What would you suggest? By the way, I live in a very rural area outside zone restrictions. I look forward to your response.

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