Re: cultered marble tub vs. cast iron or pressed steel
Posted by BAB on February 25, 2003 at 18:33:03:
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: I have used the Americast tub a number of times and love it. It has the feel of a cast tub, but is much lighter and much easier to handle. One person can handle the installation. You need a couple of friends and a case of beer to get a cast tub into your house.

: Steel enamel is the poorest choice unless you cannot afford anything better, and will not mind replacing it eventually. Cultured marble can be formeed into larger sized, and various shaped, tubs if you have the space. Otherwise, for a conventional size and shape cast-iron or American Standard "Americast" should be the options.

: : We are in the death throws of beginning to repipe the house that was built in 1984...many neighbors have had leaks and insurance companies will cancel us if we have a leak. So, we have decided to remodel two bathrooms. I have looked at all of these bath tubs and wonder which is better...cultered marble or baked on enamel over metal?

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