Use a dielectric union?
Posted by Dan on February 25, 2003 at 17:24:39:
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You can connect copper pipe to galvanized steel. You just have to join them together with a dielectric union. I've also heard that a brass union will also work. The dielectric union uses a plastic sleeve and washer to keep the two different metals from actually touching eachother and corroding. I think I've heard that a brass union is similar enough to each metal that there is no corrosion between it and each metal. If you use a dielectric union, be careful to slip the plastic parts down away from the joint while soldering the parts with your torch. Otherwise they will melt on you.

The one downside of a dielectric union is that if you are using the pipe for an electrical ground for any fixtures, the grounding will be broken by the union. You probably won't be running into that problem in a bathroom remodel. Also, I think it might be code that a union can't be buried behind a finished wall.

Good luck.

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