Re: Air in hot water line
Posted by John Scates on February 24, 2003 at 23:01:39:
In response to Re: Air in hot water line
One peculiar thing about air solubility in water - unlike most solids, hot water can dissolve less air at higher temperatures. Your water supply may have a high air content that is being driven out by the heat. If this is the case, you probably cannot do anything about it.

I assume that the "air" has no odor. The only active component in the hot water system that is unique from the cold side is the anode rod in the hot water heater. There are also some reactions that can occur with the anode rods that can add gas to the hot water.

- John

: We have been living in our house for 1 year now. About two months ago we started getting air in our hot water line. This only happens for the hot water. The cold water works fine. The water sputters once in a while and seems to be getting more noticeable as time passes. We also did not notice this at all for the first 10 months. Any idea what could be causing this?

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