Re: Toilet/Bathroom sulphur odor
Posted by John Scates on February 24, 2003 at 22:47:26:
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Go back to the forum home page and choose "search" in the left column. search for "sulphur" and you will get quite a few hits from previous postings. Most focus on anode rods in the hot water heater.

Your "when it rains" is unique. don't know what that has to do with it, though.

I haven't read up on them for a while, but I believe that there are magnesium and aluminum anode rods. One has a problem with generating surphur gas. Perhaps you could solve your problem by replacing with the other type. In no event should you remove it all together, however, or you will have a rusted out heater/tank in a short while.

Perhaps someone else has other ideas. Good luck.

- John Scates

: Upstairs master bath. When the water table rises outdoors, there is a suphur type odor that overtakes the master bath. Seems to be coming from the toilet, but the water from the faucet also carries the smell.

: There is another bathroom that would seem to be adjoined to the master bath but no odors emit from that bathroom.

: The smell is absent when the ground water level is not high.

: Basically, whenever it rains, the odor occurs in the master bath.

: Anyone have any ideas?

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