Re: my electric Reliance 501 water heater should be called non-Reliable!!
Posted by TM on February 24, 2003 at 13:56:58:
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We have a 3 year old Reliance water heater, 40 gal capacity. I have not been happy with it fromthe begining. I drained it yesterday and had only about 5 gallons of hot water. I took my shower on hot water only. It is only 3 years old. Unfortunealy the Home Club is out of business and probably Reliance. They are suppose to be in Ashland, TN but I can not find them. If anyone knows where to locate them for the warrantee I would appreciate it.

no wonder they are no longer in business: Electric water heaters are one of the simplest devices made and they are "generic" in that they are all alike. So do not blame the fact that it is a Reliance for the problems. Depending on its age, it could be caused by deposits in the bottom, or it could have been repaired using the cheapest materials.

: : Hello,
: : I just bought a house, whose previous owner used a handyman who wasn't too handy. Not only did he install the kitchen sink without a P-trap, but I think he screwed up the Reliance 501 water heater. It works intermittenly at best - and when it does, the hot water smells strange - like burnt plastic. One of the copper pipes going into the heater has a pool of water leaking from it (and there's some rust there too). I had a plumber come by who said that the leaking water is "not good". The plumber did get the hot water to work- but now it's giving me trouble again. Do any of you folks have any insights as to what's going on with this lovely water heater? Any info you could give me would be just great!
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