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Posted by hj on February 22, 2003 at 15:06:19:
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That machine will only unplug a few drains. For the rest you need a machine which can cost $1,000.00 or more. And if you do not know what you are doing with it, you can be injured or break a $250.00 snake the first time you use it. The cost of a plumber is not just the machine but the experience to use it properly.

: Don't give up on buying a machine too quickly. It only seems to be prohibitively expensive until you get stuck paying a plumbers night or holiday rates.
: The last time i paid a plumber $75 to unclog a sink drain, I went to Lowes and paid another $150 for a small rooter. Sure enough six months later on Christmas eve, the drain plugged again. I can only imagine what it would cost to get a plumber out on christmas. That one job more than paid for the machine.

: The unit I got is small and only goes 50 feet. you'll need a bigger machine but even if it costs 3 times what i paid, 2 or three plugups will pay for it. Or maybe only one plugup if it happens on christmas eve. You don't need a comercial quality unit because you'll only use it an hour or so once or twice a year at most.

: Dick

: : Hello Terry,

: : I stubbled on your website searching to find a rooter machine. I recently had a clogged mainline and called around my area to find out the cost. Unfortunately, many of the plumbers who claimed to be 24 hours 7 days a week weren`t. And the cost ranging from $65 per hour to a estimate $659. Lucky for me I found a guy who just does drain cleaning and charged me $80 to unclogged the drain from the roof vent. I tried to use a rental rooter and it only went 60`. This is the third time I`ve had a clogged drain. I noticed the the guy who cleaned my drain was a independant sub-contractor for a drain cleaning company. I was wondering where I can purchase my own rooter machine so I wouldn`t have to go though this again. I had to wait 3 days before someone game to clean my drain.

: : Thank You!!
: : Walter Fredzess

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