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Posted by jim scarlott on February 21, 2003 at 20:03:07:
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: Hello,
: I am adding a half bath and sub-dividing our bedroom to do so. I would rather not vent out the roof.
: I've studied what is available on this bulletin board and Studor's and Oatey's website (including Oatey's pdf's they offer) re: their air admittance valves.
: I am considering installing a Oatey Sure-Vent (not Sure-Vent II).
: The plan right now is to put the Sure-Vent about 6 inches above where the sink trap connects to the 1 1/2" T in the vanity cabinet itself, and to have the toilet downstream of the sink then both of them draining to the main drain which is ~7 feet away from the toilet drain.
: This would occur on the first floor of a two story house using what I think is called a gravity drain system (not pressurized). City plumbing. I wasn't planning on running any vents to the outside world. I may put some small holes in the vanity cabinet as an air intake for the valve.
: Has anyone done this and had any problems? Any advice? Thanks in advance! --Robert. Robert it's the end of feb now but I just had to replace my air admittance valve
and can tell you if it quits working you will know it, all building cones require that wherever you install it you must be able to access it for replacement. the one that I had was an oatey which had a spring in the top portion and failed to open thereby succking traps dry and stinking up my house
I replaced it with a simaler design but instead of a spring it has a soft rubber diaphram 5or6 dollars at lowes located near vents for dishwasher hope this helps Jim

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