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Posted by John R on February 20, 2003 at 19:44:41:
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I did want to add that Lowes has the American Standard Cadet one-piece here for $149 on sale, but Consumer Reports reported that this flushes solids like crap! Any comments?

Thanks Terry! I wish you lived in Vegas. If you are visiting and need to subsidize your trip...give me a call!


: The Wellworth flushes great! You should have seen my previous 1.6 gal toilet. It was HORRIBLE.

: The main problem with the flange is that the top plastic plices that but up against the metal part is crack and I had to pull off over 1/2 of the raidus of the black plastic. Also, the entire metal flange is all bent up and about 1/4 inch lower on the left than the right.

: I intend to reconstruct the subfloor eventually, so how do i get the plastic flange OFF of the drain pipe? Is this possible?

: John

: : : Was replacing a horrible 1.6 gal toilet this weekend with a Kohler Wellworth

: : John,
: : Hope it works for you. I get my share of complaints on those.
: : hj replaces the stock flapper when he works on them to let more water through.

: : On the flange repair, you can add a "red ring" over the existing flange.
: : You will notice that the screw holes are farther out, so they can catch wood.
: : Terry

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