Re: Replacing Closet Flange
Posted by John R on February 20, 2003 at 19:41:41:
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The Wellworth flushes great! You should have seen my previous 1.6 gal toilet. It was HORRIBLE.

The main problem with the flange is that the top plastic plices that but up against the metal part is crack and I had to pull off over 1/2 of the raidus of the black plastic. Also, the entire metal flange is all bent up and about 1/4 inch lower on the left than the right.

I intend to reconstruct the subfloor eventually, so how do i get the plastic flange OFF of the drain pipe? Is this possible?


: : Was replacing a horrible 1.6 gal toilet this weekend with a Kohler Wellworth

: John,
: Hope it works for you. I get my share of complaints on those.
: hj replaces the stock flapper when he works on them to let more water through.

: On the flange repair, you can add a "red ring" over the existing flange.
: You will notice that the screw holes are farther out, so they can catch wood.
: Terry

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