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Posted by JeffTino on February 20, 2003 at 19:32:03:
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Seems like I have a lot of "makeshift" plumbing in this house I bought a year ago! Does "makeshift" mean it won't work or not last? I have two drain lines I can think off the top of my head that are PVC to cast iron. I'm a electrician and maybe I should stick to wires but I like to do things myself. Attempting this situation, am I being realistic? Or should I call a plumber? Anyone?

: Have a plumber take the lead and brass ferrule insert, then replace it with a piece of cast iron pipe and a cast iron flange. Anything else will be a "makeshift" installation.

: : I have a cast iron drain system that has a lead "collar" the last 6 inches or so directly underneath the toilet. I removed the toilet to replace the floor. The toilet was bolted to a plastic adapter flange which was inserted into the lead collar. How do I go about replacing the flange for a new toilet with the lead material very much abused?

: : I've had advice on cutting the lead down to the brass insert (appears to be part of the lead?) and use a no-hub connection and PVC to a new flange. What would you recommend? Thanks,

: : Jeff

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