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Posted by Even more oissed off then you on February 20, 2003 at 16:27:32:
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: : I recently had a plumber/thief come roto-root my sewer pipe. He took 1 hour and charged me $175. If you want $175/hr, you damn well better be operating on my heart or brain.

: : I'm an attorney, from now on, any plumber, or any other contractor rip-off artist, will be paying double my going rate.

: Pissed, you are missing an important distinction. An hourly worker could be hired for, say 10 or 20 bucks an hour. This worker could probably clear out your line, although you'd probably have to tell him what to do and provide the tools. (Maybe not a big deal.)

: What you did, instead, was contract with a company for a result. You didn't contract for an hour of time. You didn't hire an individual to be your laborer. You sought a final product-a clear line. Nothing else matters.

: When a company prices its goods or services, a lot more goes into it than the cost for each good or service. Tradesmen, believe it or not, have shops and offices, and actually do have to drive from their shop to your location. They are only making that drive because you have requested it. They are not waiting on your block just in case you might need something.

: Since you claim to be a lawyer, let's look at legal costs. If I visit a lawyer, all he really does is talk, listen, or read papers. And charge a high hourly price. But what am I really paying for?

: Well, I'm paying for your expertise, instead of hiring a less qualified attorney. I'm paying for all the things that your office needs to run (copiers, phones, postage meters, lights, heat, air conditioning, rent, insurance, support staff, etc.) But I'm not using your copier, your heat, your postage meter, your insurance, etc. I shouldn't have to pay for them, right?

: Of course I should. I've hired a company for a result, and I should expect to pay for it. Or I could hire my cousin who took a few law courses in college. Then I can just pay a few bucks an hour.

: Pissed, are there bad plumbers out there who will rip people off? Hell yes. Are there bad lawyers who'll do the same? Of course. You can't name a profession without jerks. Did you get ripped off at $175 for a job like this. By now, you know that you didn't, but you won't admit it here.

I was just ripped off even worse! I had a plumber come over to fix a broken "clean out cap" and he gave me a price before he did the work "$471.53" I was shocked but at the same time thinking that there must be more work to this then I thought (There was not)! It took him less then 15 min. to do the job (It took longer to do the paperwork) and the parts are not more then $20.00! I don't get how they can get away with this crap! They have you sign before they do the work so they can hold you accountable for payment of huge ammounts of money and then you find out it is such a small job that you feel like you have been ripped off to the highest level possible!

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