Leaky Whirlpool tub spout
Posted by ken Mifsud on February 20, 2003 at 00:47:19:
I recently purchased and had my plumber install a Pegasus Roman tub faucet and filler from Expo. The shaft/filler is leaking from the washer/nut on the shaft on the underside of the acrylic tub deck. I returned the faucet and exchanged it for a brand new one, however the second one leaked like the first. My plumber then suggested I replace the 1 1/16" OD x 7/8" ID, 1/16" "O" ring with a slightly larger one. So I bought a 1 1/16", 15/16" with 1/8." I greased it but I couldn't seat the shaft back in to the spout trim. What do you believe the cause of the leak is? Was my plumber's suggestion a good one? If so, how do I seat a larger "O" ring into a spout trim not designed to accomodate that size?

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