Re: Clothes Washer Purge Backing up in Bathtub
Posted by Emerson on February 19, 2003 at 20:31:11:
In response to Re: Clothes Washer Purge Backing up in Bathtub
: I believe your drain is seriously plugged. Call a plumber who can properly snake the line. Don't bother with drain cleaners or a do-it-yourself snake, this is a job for a pro with pro equipment and know how.

Dear Mr. Swart,

Thank you for your time, and reply. You confirmed my fears that the problem would need professional attention. That will have to wait at least until another three paychecks come in. That being the case, I pulled the "water - out" hose (evacuation hose? purge hose?) from the vertical pipe and duct taped it to the plastic hose from the new upright vacuum we bought last week, then added on the hose from our old canister vacuum to get enough length to go out the door to the driveway. Truly a make-do temporary solution, but I get out of vacuum duty for a few weeks, and Tena doesn't have to trundle off to the laundramat, so I get no argument from her.
Thanks again from the Graystones
Emerson & Tena, Gary, April Mae, & Alissa

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