Restricted hot water flow through American Standard 3 valve
Posted by Ivan Galanin on February 19, 2003 at 12:21:27:
In my apartment's bathroom, I have limited hot water flow through the American Standard 3 valve that serves the tub/shower. I get truly hot water, but there is just not a lot of it. The cold water is flow is fine. The hot water flow in the bathroom sink is fine. The restriction in the hot water flow gradually increased and seems to have reach a point where its no longer getting worse. I had a professional look at it and they determined that either the cartridge needed to be replaced or a new shower body was needed. The first option was estimated at $325 + parts and the second option was estimated at $1220 including parts. My concern is that if I do the first option, it may either only work for a short period of time or not work at all. I would welcome any advise.

Thank you.