Clothes Washer Purge Backing up in Bathtub
Posted by Emerson Graystone on February 18, 2003 at 20:45:10:
This is very perplexing to me. Several weks ago, I found that it was taking two flushes to move solid waste out of the toilet. Then last weekend, while doing laundry, the washer drained as usual to begin the spin cycle, but for the first time (that I'm aware of) mostly clear water, containing black flakes of I don't know what (but no suds), filled my tub to a depth of an inch or so, and some amount in a shower stall as well. The next time the washer purged itself for a spin cycle, the tub filled to about an inch and a half with blue tinted water and more flakes. The third time was after the toilet had been used and the tub filled to about three inches including what appeared to be the waste from the toilet. Also, either air or water was coming into the toilet bowl, and clean water seemed to be coming out onto the floor from under the base of the toilet. The house was built in 1955, on one level on a concrete slab. We daren't use our clothes washer till we have a solution. Can you help? Thanks, the Graystones

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