Replacing an old toilet in Manhatten?
Posted by Jerry on February 18, 2003 at 18:18:45:

The bowl is by GERBER--the opening is 10 3/4 " in diameter, the porcelain is 14" on the top surface (edge to edge), 8" deep where it joins with (into) the metal base. The porcelain commode is about 4" from the wall. The edge of the seat is about 22" from the wall--the oval seat does not properly fit the round shaped bowl. The sewage pipe is about 4" in dia. and snakes from the bottom base in a modified "S" shape into the wall behind. This discharge pipe sets about 3� from the floor, but I am not sure if you are supposed the measure from, center of pipe, bottom or top.

The high tank is wood, lined with metal and sits 7' from the floor. The long water pipe is brass, and is hooked up with chrome piping of the same diameter, about 1 3/8 inches. Tank hangs adjacent, not behind commode. Toilet without connecting tank surely saves on space. But I don�t know if this is available/made any more.

So both tank and bowl will have to likely be replaced. Unless these can be fixed, which has been a feat-- no one has been able to completely stop the water running. I am earnestly trying to find a similar size toilet, so that the landlord does not replace it with a larger commode. If he does this, I will have to climb over the toilet to maneuver into the room. This small room only measures 50" x 30". I will not be able to even fit a cabinet into my �bathroom�, nor will anyone barely be able to enter through the door if a commode much larger than 23� is installed. The problem with the new toilets as well, is that the plumbing is situated differently. He is saying that he will have to build a box over the existing plumbing. So that one will have to step up on a box top use the john.

Your recommendations are helpful and appreciated. Even if you know a closer supplier, who you can refer me, it would be a life safer.

Thank you.

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