Re: Bathtub Faucet Problem...Help
Posted by John Scates on February 17, 2003 at 23:07:39:
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You have described the symptoms of a dip tube that is breaking up and clogging your fixtures. I realize that you say the other fixtures are fine, but I'll bet you use the most hot water in the shower/tub, so this may clog up first. A relatively easy place to check for dip tube particles is at the clothes washer. Turn off the hot water hose, then unscrew it at the washing machine. Is the inlet screen on the back of the washer partially filled with white or green or bluish chunks of plastic? If so, then the dip tube in your hot water heater is shot. The fixtures in your house will have to be disassembled and flushed out (be sure to turn off the water to the house before disassembling a faucet so you don't get flooded!)

If this is not it, post your question again. Perhaps someone else will have another suggestion.

- John Scates

: My bathtub was working fine a couple months ago, but then the water stream in the faucet began to get smaller day by day, and now there is barely a trickle coming out. The shower was working fine, but recently the water pressure has began to decrease on it also, but it still works. I have a three handle fixture.
: Water pressure elsewhere in the house is good, so it's not that. What is wrong? How should I fix this?
: Thanks for any Help!

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