Venting bathroom waste pipe
Posted by James Kelly on February 15, 2003 at 19:22:24:
I built a second floor addition on my home, Full bath, the plumber informed me that the existing first floor bathroom was never vented properly,then when doing the vent for my new bath put the vent pipe down to my first floor bathroom for me to be able to vent it properly when I did my kitchen remolding and the pipe would be exposed. I've yet to complete it. First because I see the PVC pipe Ijust don't know where to connect the pipe. It stubbs down into my basement about 2' from the main waste line. Also, I found out that when I'm doing laundry and Flush First floor bathroom at the same time the washing machine is draining the washer drain overflows, is this a result of not having the bathroom vented?? How do I solve this ?? Thank You

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