Re: replacing supply line from main to house
Posted by Don Gillespie on February 14, 2003 at 10:11:06:
In response to Re: replacing supply line from main to house
: I can't offer even a guess at the cost, but you might want to check out the possibility of having the new main installed by a company that can do it without digging a trench.

I just did that very thing because the PVC line (with 3 feet of copper at street and out of slab) developed a cracked joint where the copper joined the PVC. Several plumbers bid the job at $2000 which was way over budget for me. I found a gravedigger with a Bobcat Excavator and he dug a new 75' trench with a foot wide bucket (tried to get a narrower bucket but it did not fit his machine). I then laid copper line myself and added a Watts pressure reduction valve. Entire project was less than $500. I soldered the copper myself and left the trench open for a few days to check for leaks. I was not aware of the trenchless alternative. I would highly recommend not having any PVC as part of the service line. Good luck, Don

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