Re: Toilet bowl losing water
Posted by John Scates on February 13, 2003 at 22:57:21:
In response to Re: Toilet bowl losing water
Just how low does the water go? Is it dropping low enough to let air by? Does it seem to drop when you use another water source, another toilet, take a shower, etc.? You may have a problem with a clogged vent. Without proper venting, water running down the drain can create a suction as it passes other fixtures and suck their traps down or dry.

- John

: Our 5 year old (not watersaver) toilet is losing water in the toilet bowl. The flush seems fine, but after a while the water level in the bowl goes down. There are no visible leaks and we have no thirsty pets. This is on the first floor, the second floor toilet is fine.

: We are have a septic system if that matters.

: Thanks in advance for any help.

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