Shower faucet leak
Posted by Ron Resnick on February 13, 2003 at 02:28:13:
We were getting a steady drip from the shower-head.
Even when twisting both faucets hard-shut, there was
a constant drip.
The house is about 30 years old, with
original equipment in the shower.

I went to the hardware store, and described problem.
The guy in the store suggested replacing cold & hot
faucet stems, and seats. He thought my old seats
were scarred, causing incomplete water shut off.
I bought new stems, handles,
seats, stem extraction tool, and seat wrench. I also
bought a new shower arm and shower head and thread
tape. I went home, extracted old gear, and installed
new gear.

I no longer have water drips when faucets are shut,
and I think he was right, that replacing the seats
fixed that problem.

But, now I am getting leaks both at shower head
and at faucets whenever I open either hot or cold tap.

Here are the symptoms:
When I remove the shower head, so
that water runs freely out of shower arm, I get some
slow dripping coming out of hot water faucet handle.
When I remove that handle, the water is coming
out of the stem.

When I then replace the shower head (it's a fancy
new massage-head unit), having carefully wrapped
teflon tape around the arm threads first, I
get some water dripping out of that joint. However,
I get a lot (!) of water coming out of the hot
water faucet stem, and also some water dripping
out of cold water stem. Apparently the increased
water pressure in the system due to water being
forced out of shower head is exposing the leaking
more obviously.

I'm thinking maybe the seal between shower arm
and the water main behind the tiles isn't good, though
I did carefully teflon-tape that threading too, and
hand tightened arm as far as I could.

I'm at a loss. New seats, new washers, new stems,
new handles, new shower head, new shower arm,
new teflon tape, but drip drip drip. HELP!!

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