Re: Pedastal sink installation - $900 estimate
Posted by Lonny the Plumber on February 12, 2003 at 21:21:35:
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: We are removing a wall hung sink and installing a pedastal sink. A plumber recently gave me an estimate of $900 to do this job. Is that accurate or rediculously expensive?

Pedestal lavs are twice the challenge of installing a vanity. Ususally we have to make drain changes and get support in the walls. This is usually a four to six hour job. In my market (Wichita, KS) you would pay from $250. to $450. in labor. The decent lavs are about $150.00 and the faucet about a hundred. That's five hundred without dealing with the water lines.
The best thing would be to get more bids. Sometimes different plumbers have developed different techniques and see problems differently.
Lonny the Plumber

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