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Posted by Lonny the Plumber on February 12, 2003 at 21:03:35:
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: I'm preparing to install a fiberglass shower in my basement. The manufacturer recommends it be set in either gypcrete plaster or mortar mix. I don't seem to find any clear directions on how to do this. How much mortar, and how best to go about the job.

It takes about two to three bags. It depends on the distance from the flooring to the bottom of your tub. Set the unit first without the mortar. Install your ledger board. Mix and pour your mortar. If it is too dry it will not settle down into the level position. If it is too runny it will run out. You may need to set the unit and then pull it and make adjustments. Less for too high, more if it isn't sticking to the bottom.
Lonny the Plumber

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