Basement bathroom Toilet/Shower problem
Posted by Kevin F on February 11, 2003 at 01:45:05:
I've just recently installed a Shower and Toilet on the basement floor. When the washing machine on the next level up drains there is bubbling and back up from the drain water coming up the toilet and shower drain both. The toilet is 2.5' from the main stack/floor drain and the shower drain is in line on the other side on a 2" drain about 3.5' away . Same problem when the Tub drains from two levels up. I have a 1.5" vent pipe between the basement toilet and shower drain tied in to another nearby 1.5" vent for a shower on the same level as the washing machine. The main drain is 3". Toilet and shower drain fine at all other times.....Any Suggestions? Thanks....Kevin

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