Re: Closet flange removal
Posted by Lonnytheplumber on February 11, 2003 at 00:33:48:
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: Neither. You will have to cut back a little way on the pipe, connect a new length of pipe with a coupler to replace what you removed, and then install a new closet bend and flange. No way to remove plastic fittings once glued. The good news is, plastic pipe and fittings are cheap and unless you have a serious access problem, this is not a major undertaking.

I break off the lip and use a sawsall to cut a couple of 3/4 notches through the coupling part of the flange. I then use wood chisels to peel the flange off. I can almost always get it with ABS (black) pipe unless it is foam core pipe. I can get PVC flanges off about 80% of the time.
The easiest is to knock off the lip of the old flange and buy a flange that glues inside the 3" or 4" pipe. These flanges are sometimes hard to find.

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