Re: Is this a safe and long term fix?
Posted by tada on February 11, 2003 at 00:10:02:
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I tried pipe joint compound first, but it still leaked. This worries me because it will be hard to get to once the tub is set. Should I just solder the connection with 50/50 solder? Will that be "more" permanent?

: If teflon tape works then it is okay, otherwise use a paste pipe joint compound.

: : I have a drain/overflow kit in which the waste shoe leaks. This is a brass to brass junction. I have been able to put two wraps of teflon tape around the fine brass threads, screwed it together, and it seems to be holding. Is this a good long term answer? This is the drain for a new jetted tub, a brand new installation. I tried to return the whole kit, but it was special order with special finishes, plus it has taken me almost six months to get to the tub install. I would really appreciate your opinions.

: : Tom

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