Re: Cast Iron Hub Fitting with 3.12 ID Hub
Posted by Matt C on February 10, 2003 at 22:26:57:
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: Yes, I used 2" pipe (2.38" OD). The original lead and oakum seal was .40" thick on each side of the galvanized pipe. Hence the 3.12" hub ID.
: The ABS coupler I used had an OD of 2.73", and when I stretched the Fernco P22U-205 busing over it I got a great fit in the Hub. i.e. I had to drive the bushing into the hub with a hammer.
: : Are you sure you were not using 1 1/2" pipe? There is no way a 2" coupling would fit into a 2" hub, much less a "donut".
: : : : Without being there it is impossible to tell if things are just not fitting together properly. But it is possible that they won't since the lead hub was never designed to have the "donut" installed in it, so it could have the wrong dimensions.

: : : : : : Matt,
: : : : : : Have you "tried" it yet?
: : : : : : My experience with them, is that the 2" ABS expands the rubber seal when inserted to full depth.
: : : : : : I round the end of the pipe with a knife and use soft soap for lube.

: : : : :
: : : : : The seal kind of fits when the pipe is installed, but it is still loose. If I push the pipe and seal in all the way (pushing the seal flange into the hub) it fills the gap, but it really doesn't hold the pipe as securley as I would like.

: : : I was finally able to get the donut seal to work by placing a 2" coupler on the end of the pipe. The larger OD made the seal work properly. Thanks for the help and the great site.

Your Fernco should not fit, you are using the wrong product. There are different sizes of Cast Iron Pipe. You solved the problem, but over stretching the fitting may cause it to leak down the road. Your pipe is not a service weight pipe. It is a 'Heavy Duty' pipe with an oversized hub. You need a Fernco P22UX-205. It is designed for that use.

Will have to special order as almost no supply stocks it.

Suggest you replace it before it breaks. You could also move.

Good Luck

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