"low-boy" commodes (toilets)
Posted by bob shirley on February 09, 2003 at 18:18:19:
Hi Terry
Your web page and toilet ratings are excellent. But I have a special problem: I need to replace a toilet where the tank must be about 25" high or less. A Kohler Santa Rosa #3323-0 MIGHT do the job (26 3/4" high) but that may not allow enough space for repairs in the tank, if necessary. (There is a 9" deep shelf 31" above the floor over the tank.) Can your recommend a good-flushing, toilet hopefully for under $300, for this installation? Preferably elongated bowl but not required. FM, gravity or vacuum - just well-flushing! 1- or 2-piece.
Many thanks for any advice/help you can give me.

Bob Shirley (bobmimshir@aol.com)

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