Re: hot water goes cold when commode flushed
Posted by Mike Wenger on February 07, 2003 at 14:16:59:
In response to Re: hot water goes cold when commode flushed
Check the age of the W/H. The serial code often startes with the month and year of manufacture. If you have 'hard' water and no water softener minerals in the water heater may be restricting flow through the water heater. See if you can connect a hose to the water heater and flush anything out of the bottom (leave the water on and the power on. It may be blocked. Another possibility is insufficient dynamic (running) water pressure caused by a blockage in a whole house filter or by the filter screen on the inlet of some water softeners. Try to test the static (no use) water pressure, then open one, then two faucets. It should not drop noticeably.

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