Re: new install, slow drain
Posted by hj on February 07, 2003 at 07:37:57:
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Usually it is due to the lack of an overflow. The overflow would allow air trapped between the basin and the trap to escape an permit the water to flow. In your case it is compounded by the 90 degree turn to the back which further inhibits the ability of the water to force its way out of the drain. Tthere is no good cure for the problem.

: I've just installed a new , imported from France ceramic sink that sits above the countertop. There is no overflow, only 1 1/4" drain. The line provided makes immediate 90 degree turn to the back of the cabinet, so p trap is not visable underneath. The run is app. 12" and it makes a 90 degree down turn. I placed a flex pipe to a flex p trap behind the cabinet which connects to the 1 1/2" original pipe into the wall. The system drains very slowly. Is it because of the 1 1/4 pipe, lack of overflow or what?

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