Re: Odd Toilet "Double Flush", Clogged Drain Pipe?
Posted by hj on February 06, 2003 at 20:49:22:
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It is still an excess water in the tank situation. It could be that your fill valve is putting so much water in so quickly that the amount of water is more than is required for a single flush. The amount of water for a single flush is a fixed quantity with a small amount of variation. More than that and the toilet will flush again once the necessary amount has flowed through it. If that excess water is enough to intiate an additional flush cycle that is what will happen, otherwise the water level would just be restored sooner than normal and the excess water would silently flow down the drain.

: Thanks hj,

: You're always so helpful here.

: This is an older toilet (installed ~1977) and I initially suspected the flapper. I replaced the flapper and the double flush persisted. I'm pretty sure that the flapper stays open during the entire flush and then flaps down after the second flush.

: I'll take a closer look at this and post an update here.

: Bob

: : If it is a newer toilet that has a replacement flapper that is "normal" and depending on the toilet bowl and water level in the tank, it will sometimes flush three times. The only time it would be due to a stoppage is if it filled up and then the water was "sucked out" when the water went down.

: : : My toilet will flush twice and I'm trying to figure out what might be going on. Basically the bowl empities once and then, as the water from the tank continues to enter the bowl, the bowl fills and empties again.

: : : My impression is that the drain pipe can't handle all the water at once and this is preventing a continuous drain of the bowl.

: : : Does that theory make sense? If so, should I try to clear the drain with a chemical clog remover?

: : : Thanks,

: : : Bob

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